• Art therapy workshop promises to help you conquer your inner demons

    Snigdha HasanMumbaiOct 10, 2017, 12:22 IST

    If you are a fan of medical dramas, you would have probably watched Meredith Grey prod fellow doctors into 'dancing out' a knotty situation at the hospital or home. She puts on some peppy music and starts grooving to it, and looking at her uninhibited movements, others join in. The dance is not choreographed, the steps are far from aesthetic, but the worries seem to melt away.

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    Dance movement therapy is relatively new in India, but was first introduced to western medicine in 1942. If you feel that bottled-up emotions are holding you back or self-doubt is nibbling away at your confidence, a workshop called Dance with the Demons promises to help you immerse yourself in a cathartic experience.

    Muddita Guptha Thakurani
    Muddita Guptha Thakurani

    "Through the course of our lives, we tend to store emotions like fear, jealousy or anxiety, which manifest themselves in various ways. With a blend of dance movement and art therapy, this workshop aims to help participants release these emotions and emerge stronger," says dance movement therapist Muddita Guptha Thakurani, who will conduct the workshop themed around Diwali. "We have our demons and gods, or goodness within us, and realising this is the first step."

    The workshop usually begins with popular Bollywood music to ease the participants into moving freely. It then turns towards high-tempo, intense instrumental music — African drums, for instance — and ends on a soothing, happy note. "As in a meditation session, I guide the participants towards understanding the depth of their emotions. They don't need to talk about what they are feeling. They can pick up colours and paper and scribble it out, too," explains Thakurani. "When people put their thoughts to paper or in motion, they are often surprised by their own creations."

    ON: October 12, 3 pm onwards
    AT: The Travel of Art, 7, Fisheries University Road, Versova, Andheri West.
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    COST: Rs 2,268

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