Single women orgasm
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Attention single women! Your singledom has an amazing benefit: better, mindblowing orgasms! According to a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Turku in Finland, who studied 2,000 premenopausal Finnish women for seven years, found that those who had stayed in the same monogamous relationship during the study period experienced the highest decrease in sexual drive.

However, the decrease in sexual desire was lower for women, who had found a new partner over the study duration. The ability to have an orgasm improved across all groups, with single women experiencing the greatest improvement, during the 7 year follow-up.

Women with a new partner experienced higher improvement in orgasmic ability when compared to women who had been in the same relationship over the entire period of observation. The team discovered that women's ability to orgasm remained the most stable over the seven-year period, while sexual satisfaction varied widely.

The research team utilised a the Female Sexual Function Index -- a short questionnaire that measures specific areas of sexual functioning in women, such as sexual arousal, orgasm, sexual satisfaction, and the presence of pain during intercourse -- to look at the evolution of female sexual desire over a period of seven years, reported. Analyses were conducted separately for women in different relationship constellations.

The team then concluded that, while long-term relationships may offer many psychological benefits but staying in a monogamous relationship for long may reduce a woman's sexual desire.
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