This Friday, surrender to melodious tunes of Teehigh for a memorable weekend!

When Bollywood glamour and Sufi music come together, they are bound to create magic! This Friday, head to Mighty Small Cafe at SMAAASH to experience such great Sufi Bollywood Medley with band Teehigh.

Enjoy the atmosphere, which is filled with serenity and topped with pleasing Sufi Bollywood music. Relax and unwind over good food, soothing music and lively atmosphere. Do not forget to treat yourself with their signature freak shakes and Chicken Crisp Burger, both of which are available in the menu.

What: Sufi Bollywood Medley Night with band Teehigh
When: 15th September, Friday
Where: Mighty Small Cafe, SMAAASH, Kamala Mills Compound, Gate No. 4, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013
Time: 9:00 pm onwards