• Cute video: Baby elephant slides down a slope on his stomach for fun

    mid-day online correspondentJul 07, 2017, 06:00 IST

    Cute animal video: Baby elephant slides down a hill on his stomachScreengrab from the video

    In a cute video that was doing rounds on the internet a baby elephant in China was having a happy time of his life by plopping down on its stomach to slide down a hill.

    The viral video captured by her caretaker at the Asian elephant breeding and rescue centre shows the elephant, named Yang Niu, excitedly approaching a hill. The pachyderm gets down on its stomach and gleefully slides down.

    According to video, Yang Niu is a two-year-old baby elephant from China's Yunnan province. The baby elephant arrived at the rescue centre two years ago when she was found injured and abandoned in the wild by some villagers. She was named Yang Niu which means 'goat's daughter' as she was bottle-fed goat's milk.

    Two years after the incident, the baby elephant is extremely happy and that is evident from the video.

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