• David Beckham earns Rs 30 lakh per day

    A CorrespondentOct 11, 2017, 20:57 IST

    Former England captain David Beckham retired from football four years ago, but continues to earn much more than what some of the world's top current footballers make, thanks to his sound business investments.

    Beckham, 42, has an image rights company, Footwork Productions Ltd, that reportedly earns him a whopping £35,000 (Rs 30 lakh) per day. According to British tabloid, The Sun, Beckham earned £12.7 million (R109 crore) last year through deals from H&M, Adidas and Haig Club whiskey. Across the last half a decade, Beckham, estimated to be worth around £165 million (Rs 1421 crore), has earned dividends of around £45 million (Rs 387 crore).

    He's not nicknamed Golden Balls for nothing, after all!

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