• Kudos! 'Dhhai Kilo Prem' actress Anjali Anand nails 14-min monologue on fat shaming in one take

    The Hitlist TeamMumbaiJun 12, 2017, 19:10 IST

    Anjali Anand
    Anjali Anand

    Anjali Anand, who plays Deepika in Dhhai Kilo Prem, has shot for a 14-minute monologue expressing her feelings on fat shaming. She nailed it in one take.

    The line between reel and real merged for the actress as the cast and crew broke into applause watching her perform.

    Anjali, who is a plus size in real life, was spotted by producer Sandiip Sikcand at a coffee shop munching on cake. He felt she would be apt to be the heroine of his show.

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