• Health: Stay away from hand sanitizers for these reasons

    mid-day online correspondentMar 06, 2017, 16:50 IST

     Health: Stay away from hand sanitizers for these reasons
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    Soap vs hand sanitizers- which one you prefer for cleansing hands? Well, while some believe in the conventional soap and water formula, some prefer to go for a hand sanitizer, as it is easy to carry and quick to use. However, have you ever wondered that the sweet smelling liquid you sprinkle on your hands for cleaning is actually loaded with negative characteristics? While sanitizers keep your hands germ free, it also affects your health adversely. So think before you rub the liquid next time you come out of the washroom or head out for a dinner. This is because:

    1. Hand sanitizer causes damage to the skin: Continuous or frequent use of the liquid can damage your skin. Rubbing hand sanitizers leave the skin dry, rough, and blistering. It may also cause skin irritation and pre-mature aging. Apply a moisturiser or hand cream immediately after rubbing the sanitizer to let your skin stay soft and supple.

    2. The smell of sanitizer can be highly toxic: Hand sanitizers contain chemicals that are associated with deathly diseases like cancer. Many sanitizers contain a chemical called phthalates that lead to their refreshing and soothing aroma. When phthalates are passed into the bodies through food then it may give rise to diseases like dermatitis, allergies, and respiratory disorders. Hence, opt for a sanitizer that is odourless.

    3. It does not clean germs completely: Sanitizers do not clean all residue from your hands. It does not wash off products like oil, ghee, sugar molecules and cheese from hands completely. So, stick to the conventional soap and water, until and unless you are helpless and have to go for a sanitizer. Also, sanitizers remove the naturally producing oil. So, opt for a one that do not contain synthetic aroma.

    4. It contains dangerous chemicals: Alcohol is the main ingredient of hand sanitizers. The liquid contains around 65 percent of ethyl alcohol and another dangerous chemical called parabens, which infiltrates into the skin very easily. Such toxic agents when enters the body can result in immunity dysfunction.

    5. It contains alcohol: Alcohol can get absorbed into the body by inhaling the smell of sanitizer or licking the fingers while eating. Alcohol leads the skin dry and results in wrinkles. So, buy a sanitizer that is either alcohol-free or contains minimum alcohol.

    Like adults, hand sanitizers are also not good for children. Alcohol present in sanitizer is equally harmful for the little ones. It may lead to nausea, asthma and dermatitis in both kids and adults. The next time you head to a medical store for a bottle of sanitizer, look for its chemical composition. It is good not to go by the price of the product, because a low-chemical composition based sanitizer will cost less than its counterpart, but will affect your health less adversely.

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