• 'Why has she restricted me from seeing her FB profile?'

    Dr LoveMumbaiJun 09, 2017, 07:30 IST

    Illustration/Ravi Jadhav
    Illustration/Ravi Jadhav

    I have created a fake Facebook profile to check what my girlfriend is doing, because she has changed her settings to prevent me from looking at her timeline. I feel guilty about this though. Should I stop?
    Why do you need to see what's on her timeline anyway? It's her personal space online and if she chooses to limit what people can and can't access, why can't you respect her wishes? This idea of a fake account is creepy, and obviously bothers you, so why not stop doing it and try behaving like an adult for a change? You might grow to like it. Also, remember that a relationship is about trust. Your inability to trust your girlfriend doesn't bode well for the future.

    What's the best way to end a relationship? My girlfriend and I have been having some serious issues for the past six months and nothing we do is making things any better. We argue a lot, and have both discussed ending it often, but end up staying together, simply because neither of us wants to take that first step. This is beginning to affect my health drastically, because it's all I think about. I have even told her not to contact me again, but we end up chatting daily anyway, just by sheer force of habit. What can I do to end this? She's not willing to be firm about it.
    If you have both decided to end it and nothing can be done, no one can help you end it but yourself. Technology makes it possible to avoid calls or chats, for instance, which is one way of sending someone a hint. I suggest you meet for dinner and discuss why this is bad for you both. Point out that force of habit isn't necessarily a good thing if it is preventing you both from moving on and, in your case, affecting you physically. You will both have to deal with this together if you want to put it behind you.

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