• 'He gets mad when I follow hot men on Instagram'

    Dr LoveMumbaiOct 11, 2017, 07:02 IST

    I follow a lot of hot men on Instagram, which annoys my boyfriend a lot. I don't even know these men. Why is he behaving like this?
    He's obviously a child. It's your Instagram account, so I suggest you follow anyone you feel like following, and ask your boyfriend to come back to you after he grows up a little.

    I wanted to spend time with my girlfriend because I am always at work on most days, and rarely manage to do more than a movie or dinner with her every two weeks. She has never complained, but I wanted to show her how much I appreciate this, so I took a week off and booked a holiday for the two of us. When I told her about it, she wasn't even excited. She simply said she would have to check with her own office because she wasn't sure about being able to take time off at that point. This made me very sad, because she didn't understand why I was doing this. I didn't say anything, but I have cancelled the holiday. If she doesn't want to spend time with me, and is okay with us meeting just once or twice a month, why should we bother being in this relationship? Am I wrong?
    If she accommodates you whenever things are convenient for you, why do you not extend the same courtesy to her? She doesn't give you a hard time about not spending enough time with her, so why do you expect her to be at your beck and call when you finally decide to take a holiday? Tell her how you feel, give her a chance to explain, and focus on the fact that the two of you appear to have a healthy relationship, despite the minimal amount of time you both spend with each other. If you want to spend more time with her, tell her about it and then give her the space she needs to make those changes.

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