• 'How do I break up when she's expecting a proposal?'

    Dr LoveMumbaiOct 03, 2017, 07:00 IST

    What is the right way to end a relationship? I have decided to split with my girlfriend of two years because things are just not working out between us. She has no clue this is going to happen, because she looks at this relationship differently, which is actually why I think we have a problem to begin with. She is going to react very badly when
    I tell her, so I'm dreading it because it will break her heart, especially because I think she expects me to propose to her at some point. The longer I delay it, the harder it will be for her, and I will end up coming across as a villain. How do I end this without causing her too much pain?
    I'm not sure I understand what the problem is. This is clearly causing you a lot of discomfort. You have no reason to continue in this relationship, and haven't even given your girlfriend a hint about what the problem is either. If you don't want to save the relationship, but still don't feel the need to communicate with her, how is she supposed to know how you feel? If you want to end it, she deserves to know as soon as possible, irrespective of how badly she chooses to take it, because not telling her this is, in effect, lying to her. If you say you don't want to cause her too much pain, I fail to understand how keeping her in the dark about your true feelings will help either of you. The longer you wait, the worse it will be for you both. I suggest you speak to her quickly, because you owe her that bit of honesty.

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    You're probably just looking in the wrong places.

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