• 'My boyfriend wants us to have a threesome'

    Dr LoveMumbaiSep 28, 2017, 06:00 IST

    Is it normal for a guy to ask his girlfriend to consider a threesome? My boyfriend thinks it's a good idea, but I find it shocking. What can I tell him?
    As long as you aren't being forced into anything, this is really something only the two of you can sort out. You don't have to indulge any of his fantasies if they don't appeal to you. All you have to be is honest and tell him how you feel about the idea. I'm sure he will respect your opinion.

    My wife and I have been married for two years now, and we no longer find sex interesting. We used to have it at least twice a week, but now find ourselves ignoring it more and more. Neither of us wants to initiate it, and we are both happy to just watch a movie or go out instead of making love. This is sad, because we used to be very physical before marriage. I have asked her if she wants to speak to a counsellor, but she thinks it's normal for couples to lose interest over a period of time. The thing is, we have only been married for two years. How will we go on with the rest of our lives without sex? She doesn't seem to think this is serious, but I do.
    A loss of interest in sex is perfectly normal, simply because some people tend to confuse familiarity with monotony. You should both consider meeting a therapist, if only to reach a point where you both recognise how important physical intimacy is for the future of your relationship. Once that happens, spicing things up in the bedroom will be a lot easier. Your wife isn't tired of you. If the two of you communicate, and she sees how important this is to you, she will agree to speak to a professional. Don't panic just yet. You both have the rest of your lives ahead of you to fix this.

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