• 'I can't have a serious conversation with him'

    Dr LoveApr 21, 2017, 07:02 IST


    There are times when I feel as if I can't tell my boyfriend exactly how I feel, because he just doesn't listen. I have tried time and again, but it's as if there's a wall that goes up between us whenever I try to have a serious conversation. What can I do to change this?

    Some people are just thick and love the sound of their voice more than anyone else's. Our news channels are full of examples. I suggest you keep at it until he is forced to shut up and listen to what you have to say. Without being able to say how you feel, your relationship is one-sided and will ultimately make you resentful. Try and try again, until he has no option. You are entitled to it.

    I have been best friends with this girl for a year now. I have always had feelings for her but don't know how to express them. A year ago, she broke up with her boyfriend because he was too jealous of us being close. We are really good together, but she has trust issues with me. She believes that, whenever I meet a new girl, I stop giving her importance. We have had a number of fights on account of this and, whenever she says she wants to stop talking to me, I apologise and make up for it. What should I do? - Pranav B

    If the two of you are close as you claim to be, telling her how you feel shouldn't be a problem irrespective of how clumsily you actually choose to put it. You won't know how she feels unless you ask her, so there really is no way around this. Going by what you say, it is quite obvious that she cares about you and values your friendship, so you really have nothing to lose. Do keep in mind that she may choose to just be friends though, which you should accept too if you genuinely care about her presence in your life.

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