• 'My wife is nasty to everyone at home'

    Dr LoveMar 16, 2017, 06:29 IST

    I married my girlfriend of 2 years a little over six months ago. I thought I knew her really well, but she has changed completely after marriage. She used to be sweet, kind, considerate and caring. Now, she’s selfish, bad-tempered and nasty to everyone in my house, including my parents. They don’t know what has happened to her either. I have tried to ask her what the problem is, but she says there’s no problem. Her actions don’t reflect her response though. I am afraid that, if she continues to behave like this, I will have no choice but to file for divorce, and I don’t even know if she cares about our marriage anymore. What should I do?

    Six months isn’t that long in a marriage, considering this was supposed to be a lifelong commitment. It’s a life-changing experience for most people, so I suppose what your girlfriend is dealing with has something to do with adjustment issues. A lot of people have radically different ideas about what life after marriage will be like. Maybe she had expectations that aren’t currently being fulfilled. The only thing you can do, for now, is be supportive. To mention divorce so soon is to ignore the time you have both spent together, and ignore the feelings that compelled you both to decide to live together in the first place. This phase will pass. Give it time. Until then, be patient and communicate. When she’s ready, she will tell you what the problem is.

    I blocked my ex-boyfriend on Facebook a few weeks ago, but he has created another account and has told my friends that we are still together. This is a lie, of course. What should I do about it?

    Any sort of intimidation online is punishable by law. Your ex-boyfriend is probably watching too many awful Bollywood films, where the line between romance and harassment is rather fine. Get a common friend to inform him about this. If he doesn’t stop, speak to the police.

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