• 'She insists I post a photo of us as my profile pic'

    Dr LoveMumbaiSep 26, 2017, 07:31 IST

    My girlfriend insists on my putting up a photograph of the two of us as my WhatsApp profile picture. I prefer a photograph of just myself, which upsets her. She says this means I am embarrassed about her, which is certainly not the case at all. Isn't this extremely ridiculous behaviour?
    It's your WhatsApp, your profile picture, and your prerogative. I urge you to please consider dating an adult next time.

    My parents asked me to consider marrying the daughter of one of their friends, so I agreed to meet the girl. We got+ along well and seemed to share a lot of likes and dislikes. We went out for a few months and she agreed that we could marry because it seemed like we got along. Two months before we were supposed to be engaged, she sent a message via her parents saying she was no longer interested. She didn't give us any reasons, and her parents told my parents they didn't know what the reason was either. I found out later that she was already in a relationship with someone, and he had proposed to her. I feel cheated, because she didn't mention anything about this while we were going out. I want her to know that what she did was wrong, but my parents think I should forget it and move on. What do I do?
    Where is the problem exactly? She may have agreed to meet you because her relationship with her boyfriend wasn't working. If it has resolved itself, isn't it perfectly natural for her to pick that option rather than go with what her parents suggest, with someone she barely knows? This isn't about the pros and cons of the arranged marriage system; it is simply about someone making a personal choice. She hasn't done anything to you. Would you have preferred it if she lied about her past and married you instead? Why not concentrate on your future and allow her to move on with her own?

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