• 'She only wants to go to restaurants I can't afford'

    Dr LoveMumbaiOct 05, 2017, 07:29 IST

    It's hard for me to convince my girlfriend to go to cheaper restaurants on dates, because she thinks her friends will find this amusing. I just don't earn enough to pay for expensive meals all the time though. I try to convince her, but she doesn't believe me. I will be broke at this rate.
    She's dating you, not her friends, and I'm assuming she is doing this because she likes you. If you can't afford something, why do it? And if she can't understand something so simple, why don't you wait until she finishes high school before asking her out again?

    I went out with a friend a few times because he seemed lonely, and he now says he has feelings for me. I have told him I have no interest whatsoever, but he thinks I should give him a chance anyway. I don't think I can simply give people a chance by dating them when I don't feel anything for them, but he is very persuasive and wants me to go out with him. I may do it simply because I feel sorry for him, but this may only end up giving him the wrong idea again. I also believe he may stop being my friend if I refuse, which will be sad because I am genuinely fond of him as a person. How do I get him to see my point of view?
    Going out with someone only because you feel sorry for them is not an ideal way to begin a relationship, nor is it reason enough. If you believe this will lead him on, why do it? You may have noble intentions, but if the possibility of them being misconstrued is high, you are only doing yourself, as well as your friend, a disservice. Tell him why you don't want to go out. If he is a genuine friend, he will understand. If he chooses to stay away, he was probably never a true friend to begin with.

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