• 'She thinks my tweets are funny, but I didn't post them'

    Dr LoveMumbaiOct 13, 2017, 08:10 IST

    I don't spend time on social media platforms because I think they are a waste of time and because I don't like the idea of sharing personal information with people I don't really know. My friends have harassed me about this for a long time, because they think I am being paranoid. One of them recently set up a Twitter profile using my name, and has begun putting out jokes and other funny tweets that have earned him a number of followers. A girl from my office recently came up to me and told me she thought I was funny, because she read my tweets. I didn't say anything, but we chatted a few times after that and eventually decided to go on a date. The thing is, if I tell her that profile isn't mine, she will call me a liar and never speak to me again. If I tell her it was me, it's a lie too. This is why I hate these platforms. I am tempted to stop speaking to that friend of mine because of the situation he has placed me in. What do I do?

    Dr Love

    Your fear of these platforms is rational, as is your scepticism about how they can cause real harm when misused. Your friend had no right to impersonate you anywhere, of course, irrespective of his reasons. You ought to be very clear about that when you speak with him, or if you choose to stop speaking to him. As for the girl from your office, if she thinks you are someone you're not, she may quickly come to figure out who you really are when she spends more time with you. Whether or not you choose to tell her about the fake profile depends on how you feel about her. I suggest you take this one step at a time. Get rid of the profile, to begin with, and spend some time with her (assuming you want to) before thinking of what to do next.

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