• At an annual meet, gardeners learn and inspire each other

    Dipanjan SinhaNov 04, 2016, 10:43 IST

    The annual meet is now open to all
    The annual meet is now open to all

    Considering that pollution levels in our cities are increasing alarmingly, every initiative to get greener is much needed. The Annual Gardener’s Meet by Earthoholics is an initiative where those who make a garden of whatever little spaces they have, get the right guidance and support, and meet other people who love plants.

    The workshops have encouraged many to set up kitchen gardens
    The workshops have encouraged many to set up kitchen gardens

    Graina Fernandes of Earthoholics says that this event was initially planned as a culmination of the monthly workshops that the organisation conducts, where they impart tips on gardening. The annual Gardeners’ Meet was started five years ago to create a forum for all budding gardeners in the city. “But we were informed this year that there are a lot of other family members and friends of those who have attended the sessions who wanted to come and so we decided to make this annual meet an open,” she says.

    In the last few years, Earthoholics has encouraged many people in the city set up kitchen gardens.

    “The gardener’s meet became a great place for them to come togetherand work with each other to create a greener society,” she says.

    The event to be held at Mahim Nature Park this year will include a trail of the nature park, workshop on plant propagation and care, a session on home values of medicinal plants and also a prize distribution ceremony.

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    On: November 5, 9 am
    At: Mahim Nature Park, Sion Bandra Link Road, near Dharavi Bus Depot. 
    Call: 9833251324
    Cost: Rs 100