• Health: Effective skin and hair care tips for Holi

    mid-day online correspondentMar 13, 2017, 16:42 IST

    Health: Effective skin and hair care tips for Holi

    Holi – the festival of colours is here! The excitement for the festival is massive but people are also worried about the after effects. It is party time and no matter what people say about applying oil, tying a bandana etc, not all of us can go out like that.

    So, what if this year you could play Holi without worrying about your skin and hair? Here are a few tips on how you can keep your hair safe while having fun –

    Health: Effective skin and hair care tips for Holi


    Dry hair is brittle, the cuticles are wide open and therefore it may look dull. Hence it needs extra care and protection.

    • · The age old remedy of oiling hair is the best. Nothing beats that. You can opt for coconut based hair oil as it is light and has linear chain helping it penetrate directly into the hair shaft. It not only protects but also strengths and nourishes your hair
    • · You can also opt for New Age coconut oils which has ingredients like jasmine. Jasmine along with its aromatic properties helps in strengthening hair making it stronger and less prone to breakage even as you have fun amidst the colour riot.
    • · Instead of leaving the hair loose, you can also try styles like French braid or newer braids which covers a lot of section of hair and does not even allow the color that is thrown to suck in your hair thereby protecting a lot of your hair.

    Oily Hair:

    • Mix aloe vera pulp and coconut oil overnight. Warm the mixture before applying on scalp for protection. This also helps in improving texture and strengthens the hair. If short on time, apply coconut oil enriched with aloe vera which is easily available in the market.
    • · Use Aloe vera oil or pulp as hair already are greasy. before you style your hair in the morning for the Holi party. It is lightweight, non-sticky, has antibacterial properties and also deep conditions your hair.
    • · If you have to style your hair, go for ironing and use a heat protectant before you iron. Ironing puts all your cuticles into one direction and shuts them all off so the damage in your hair is minimized. The colors or any chemicals is thus less absorbed.

    Health: Effective skin and hair care tips for Holi

    Oily skin:

    · Make sure you apply Sunscreen before you step out. It will provide you protection from the sun exposure because you will be playing outside. Sunscreens are thick and water protected sunscreens are can protect you from the color and chemical damage

    Health: Effective skin and hair care tips for Holi

    Post Holi:

    • Post Holi bath, instead of using multiple shampoos, add lemon to coconut oil, apply it for half an hour before rinsing, it helps in removing the colour faster.
    • Similarly for skin also, you can use lemon as it helps to clean skin easily. But if you have dry or sensitive skin then lemon is not a good option for you. After shower add few drops of coconut oil to your lotion and apply all over semi damp skin.
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