• Mahim resident seals common loos to teach woman a lesson in Mumbai

    Suraj OjhaMar 07, 2017, 09:00 IST

    Upasna Fernandes hasn't been able to access the public toilets in Nasserwanji Compound, Mahim, for three days

    A Mahim resident has been booked for not letting her neighbour use the public toilet in their residential compound. The accused, identified as Alzira Gomes, had locked the doors of the toilets located in Nasserwanji Compound, Mahim, and refused to give the key to the complainant, Upasna Fernandes, and her family.

    According to Upasna, Alzira had also warned other neighbours against sharing the keys to the common toilets. She claimed that Alzira was acting at the behest of the parents of some boys, whom she had earlier complained about to the police. "In February, I had complained about a few boys, who had tied a net in our compound and blocked the entrance," said Upasna. "On my complaint, the boys were asked to remove the net and stop playing in the compound."

    "The parents were holding a grudge against me, and at their insistence, Alzira must have locked the public toilets," she added. After being denied the keys to the toilets, Upasna called up the control room, following which the cops warned Alzira. However, when she refused to follow orders, Upasna filed an FIR against her.

    "Since Alzira has locked the toilets for the last three days, we are forced to use a toilet outside our compound," said Upasna.

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