• Maria Sharapova's alcohol intake was too much last year

    AgenciesMar 21, 2017, 09:33 IST

    Maria Sharapova
    Maria Sharapova

    Russian tennis beauty Maria Sharapova revealed that in the past year, given her temporary ouster from the game, she has consumed more alcohol than she ever did in her entire life.

    The 29-year-old is preparing to make a return from a 15-month doping ban next month.

    “This past year, my intake of alcohol was so much more than ever in my life. But it was because I actually had a social life,” she told Vogue magazine.

    She said she’s also done many other things she couldn’t during her playing time like, working at NBA, travelling to new places and investing more time in her candy business, Sugarpova, besides attending many red carpet events.

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