• mid-day editorial: Fake rape cases are an insult to survivors

    mid-day correspondentMumbaiJul 28, 2017, 06:05 IST

    In an age when women are still being raped every day and are struggling to find justice, it is shameful for another woman to falsely cry rape just to trap some men and settle scores with them.

    A 32-year-old homemaker from Kalwa recently alleged that she was raped by attackers who also flung a scalding chemical at her. But cops have revealed that all her charges against the six men, three of whom were arrested from Kalaburagi in Karnataka this month, are false. The woman has admitted that she cooked up the assault story to teach the six men a lesson after they had a dispute with her husband a while ago.

    It's shocking that the woman levelled rape allegations to just settle a score. She must be punished because not only have her actions brought a lifetime of shame for the men, but it also makes it even harder for genuine rape survivors to come forward. they also make people cast a doubt on real rape victims.

    Rape accusations are not something that people can throw around at will. No matter what the cause, there can be no justification for subject any person to false charges.

    The three arrested men and their families will struggle to fight the social sti­gma this incident has brought upon th­em. Although they have been cleared of charges, there's no way to compensate them for the damage
    already done to their reputation.

    However, rape survivors will bear the major brunt of such follies. The tide had just started to turn with perpetrators being named and shamed for assaulting women. Fake accusations will only drag the society back to a time when rape survivors had to fight their battles alone, with everyone doubting the truth of their suffering.

    Let's fight to retain the progress the society has achieved after decades of darkness.

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