• mid-day editorial: For women, freedom is the sweetest gift

    mid-day correspondentMar 09, 2017, 06:51 IST

    A day after International Wom­en’s Day, it is time for introspection, some sobriety and there’s a need to take a good hard look at the times - what they truly mean for women and whether all the events obfuscate some real, uncomfortable truths.

    Over the past week, we have seen a number of events being organised around Women’s Day - while most of them got over yesterday, a few are ongoing ‘celebrations’. Numerous brands are cashing in on the attention any woman-related issue attracts and have floated their campaigns. But not all causes are frivolous - there are a few well-meaning initiatives that help put the spotlight on women achievers who may have been neglected.

    However, what will truly render meaning to all these celebrations is if the rate of crimes against women in this country can be decreased. Women would appreciate reading less reports of violence against their gender. Recently, Pune was rocked by the murder of a young woman, who­se only mistake was to go to office on a Sunday. She was killed for objecting to a co-worker ogling at her in the office and had threatened to report him to the management.

    In another recent incident, a young female professional was violated and murdered in the Western suburbs by a man who disapproved of her going to parties. Another woman was violated and killed in Goa by an obsessive security guard because he took umbrage at being chastised by her for stealing her umbrella. Countless women were molested on New Year’s Eve in Bengaluru.

    Sadly, we read and report on such horrors every single day. Perhaps the best way to celebrate women is to just let them choose - to be whatever they want and to do whatever they please. The day it happens shall be the real Women’s Day.

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