• mid-day editorial: Let's make the workplace a safe haven for all

    mid-day correspondentMar 14, 2017, 06:40 IST

    A digital entertainment start-up is in the news for what reports claim, is condoning and promoting sexual harassment at the workplace. An anonymous post by an ex-employee has accused the CEO of molestation.

    There are a number of aspects to the news that has been buzzing.

    Social media becomes the chosen avenue for the vulnerable to expose a higher authority abusing their power power, due to the anonymous nature of the medium. Simply because of the anonymity it affords, these complaints can be of any nature and may also lack credibility.

    Yet, if there are sufficient details and certain pointers that indicate it may be true, they should certainly be investigated. They cannot be brushed off as a figment of the imagination of a disgruntled employee.

    In this case, the company is more powerful than the individual, so it is inevitable that there will be an attempt to brush off the complaint by questioning its credibility or blaming the alleged victim. Though these cases are notoriously hard to prove and it often ends up as one person’s word against the other, it may have some truth in it.

    There are also serious allegations that should make all corporate houses introspect and debate if need be. The targeted woman claims she was not taken seriously and asked to leave when she complained.

    The investigation needs to be extremely thorough, careful and very fair. There is far too much detail and the accusations too direct to sweep under the carpet.

    Let this proceed in the most right minded way, where there is an accent on bringing justice. It should also make other corporates hold a lens up to themselves, their policies and their initiatives to make the workplace an equitable and
    safe place for all.

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