• mid-day editorial: MU must strike off apathy from its syllabus

    mid-day correspondentMumbaiMay 19, 2017, 05:41 IST

    All the enthusiasm with which Mumbai University (MU) made the artificial lake at Kalina seems to have dried up, thanks to which, the water body is heading for a similar fate.

    The lake, which is six-foot-deep and 75 feet in diameter, is so dry that one can easily cross it on foot. Fish, turtles and other aquatic creatures are turning up belly up, unable to survive as the decade-old lake continues to shrink in the searing summer heat. Irked by the administration's indifference, students have now written to the varsity, asking for permission to bring water tankers to fill the lake, stated a report in this newspaper.

    One cannot understand why MU made the lake, only to leave it in such a state of neglect. The University's defence is that the project is incomplete and that water tankers are to be brought to the lake soon.

    It is too late for water tankers now, since so much of the aquatic life has died.

    It is also strange that the lake has been left 'incomplete' for 10 years, with nobody really willing to take responsibility. There seems to be a general air of laxity and pushing the blame on to others when it comes to this neglect and decrepitude.

    It is a shame that a place of learning, which is supposed to set an example for students, seems to be passing the buck in this matter.

    There should have been advance preparation and contingency measures for these hot months.

    At a time when the environment is a hot button topic, it is inconceivable that a lake that has spawned aquatic life was allowed to go to seed.

    Taking charge should be a part of the syllabus for yourself, MU. Sometimes, life's best lessons are not learnt within the four walls of the classroom, but in the great outdoors.

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