• mid-day editorial: Put safety first for a happy 'Holi'day

    mid-day correspondentMar 11, 2017, 08:12 IST

    The Holi weekend is upon us and the air is permeated by cautionary advice telling people to exercise common sense while engaging in the festivities. Watch the colours you use is our warning No. 1 as, over the years, numerous children, and even adults, have landed up in hospitals with nausea, stomach problems and skin rashes because of health issues caused by them.

    When revellers are not true to the purpose of festivals - which is to celebrate some of our richest traditions - and they try new fangled and, often, dangerous ways to mark the holiday, the result is riddled with problems and injuries.
    Avoid being stingy when it comes to buying quality colours.

    In various cities, including Mumbai, Holi festivities are often marred by reports of molestation. Women frequently find themselves at the end of not just water balloons but also lewd remarks from rowdies on the roads, on this day. In fact, the situation is worse for those travelling in trains, as hooligans target those standing near the doors with these balloons. To get a laugh out of maiming somebody is symptomatic of an ailment that has pervaded our society, but it has to end. Stop and think twice before you hurl something at strangers for cheap thrills as the latter stands to sustain grave injuries.

    Social activities have, for quite some time now, championed the cause of dry Holi to conserve water. There’s also an emphasis on using safe, organic colours. But the basic idea is to put safety before mindless revelry.

    Increased police presence and a healthy fear of punishment and fines are essential to achieve the safety goal. Every person has the right to enjoy Holi the way they want to. Allow people to celebrate without the fear of getting assaulted. Let’s put the happy into this Holi.

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