• mid-day editorial: The path to ending triple talaq begins within

    mid-day CorrespondentMay 01, 2017, 06:01 IST

    Uttar Pradesh (UP) cabinet minister Swami Prasad Maurya has added fuel to the triple talaq fire by saying that the practice is being misused by men to satisfy their lust.

    BJP has made its anti-triple talaq stance a plank, with many experts citing tremendous support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi within the Muslim community during the UP elections, because he had said it has to be abolished to give justice to Muslim women. The PM has come out to say that triple talaq should not be politicized. We can go ahead and state that it should also not take on a communal hue.

    If triple talaq has to go, there has to be opposition from within the community. The Muslims, both men and women have to defeat it. Politicians, PM, local leaders, however honorable their motives, will always be looked at people with an agenda; they want to win votes, stir the pot. It is only when ordinary women and men from inside the community realize the concept of people power and organize themselves, that there can be real momentum to this movement. Their words will resonate with the people and it is their sincerity that will act as catalyst to see that the 'triple T' is no more.

    The efforts of a section of the community in Mumbai fighting for women to access the Haji Ali Dargah became a success after Muslim women and men came forward to demand that it be made accessible to all. They organized themselves into a body, engaged lawyers and won cases.

    It is the same in this attempt, which is of course, pan-India and much bigger in scope, where the real path to victory has to be carved from the inside, by those affected. We do have a Muslim women's body fighting to abolish the practice, but more voices, shriller opposition and stridency is needed from both Muslim men and women to end triple talaq for good.

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