• mid-day editorial: We must fight for Eman, not over her

    mid-day correspondentApr 27, 2017, 06:18 IST

    The world believed it was witness to a happy story when Egypt's Eman Ahmed Abdulati - who earned the sobriquet of the heaviest woman in the world at 500 kg - found a saviour in a Mumbai doctor. But her sister and caregiver, Shaimaa, who accompanied Eman to Mumbai, shattered this rosy picture in an exclusive to this paper.

    She blames bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala for a number of complications that Eman is suffering from, and has also alleged that Saifee Hospital lacks a number of facilities required for the treatment, right from a large enough bed to a CT scan machine that can accommodate Eman, who has now dropped 250 kg.

    Lakdawala defended himself, saying he has fulfilled his promise of treating Eman for obesity, but she is now suffering from neurological problems. But the most shocking allegation yet is regarding Eman's 250-kg weight loss. While the doctor gave the three-figure drop in her weight, Shaimaa said her sister has lost merely 60 kg. The issue is quickly spiralling into a huge battle between Egyptian and Indian doctors.

    It is imperative that Eman be given treatment quickly for neurological problems. We must remember that Eman is not a billboard for bariatric surgery; she is a patient. Her problems need to be addressed urgently. If, as her sister says, her condition has worsened, then treatment should be started as soon as possible, notwithstanding that she is supposed to fly back to Egypt in a week.

    Start the tests and scans - whatever she needs. It is important to take stock of the situation, listen to Eman's sister's complaints and not let the blame game overshadow a very genuine concern - Eman's well being. There will be plenty of time for charges and counter charges. For now, let Eman's life come first.

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