• New wine in old bottle: A revamped pub in BKC is set to bring back the office goers

    Dhara Vora SabhnaniMumbaiOct 11, 2017, 22:00 IST

    We have long been witness to open-and-shut cases of eateries in Bandra and Andheri. Now, Kamala Mills and BKC properties are also featuring on these lists. One such place is Drinkery 51, the new avatar of 10 Downing Street.

    Teriyaki Glazed Mushroom and Soy Bao 

    At first glance, the bar has a tavern-style woody ambience that is spacious (with witty one-liner posters thrown in). The menu has been designed by TV chef Ajay Chopra, but isn't innovative. It's a wild mix of dishes ranging from Chicken Tikka to Mushroom Bao. And both, the menu and the dimly lit interiors, are the same as predecessor 10 Downing Street's, with minor tweaks. In fact, if you were a regular here, you will hardly miss the old place. But the new, crazy deals make the experience rather sweet — '51 for drinks on Mondays, and lunch-hour combos for '351, including a drink.

    D51 Chicken Basket Crispy Wings

    We call for a Basil and Fresh Fruit Mojito ('550) and Pineapple and Chilli Mojito ('550). The fizz in both the drinks is missing. The pineapple version is made using fruit syrup. In spite of the chilli's kick, the mojito is disappointing. The fresh fruit version fares better, with the use of real fruit providing a citrus burst. We stick to the draught beer priced at '51 for the rest of our evening.

    By now, the music has suddenly shifted from the '80s to the current scene, with post-work attendees letting their hair down to this year's smash hit, Despacito. A platter of delicious D51 Chicken Basket Crispy Wings ('429), which includes chicken strips and wings cooked in a peri peri kind of sauce and a glass full of fries, keep us company as we watch the drunken shenanigans of boss-cursing BKCites.

    Fresh Fruit Mojito

    The Thyme Crusted Semolina Gnocchi ('242), served with a dressing of a spicy tomato sauce, can best be described as something a so-called 'modern Indian restaurant' would serve in the name of dhokla. 'Modern Indian' Gujjus like us recommend local farsan stores to stock up on these.

    The Teriyaki Glazed Mushroom and Soy Bao ('319) tastes delicious, though it comes sans the hot pepper mayo promised on the menu. Sadly, the baos, though light as air, are flimsier than pita bread and start disintegrating within minutes of landing on
    the table.

    Would we come back to Drinkery 51? Yes, but only for the cheap beer and truffle parmesan wedges.

    Time 12 pm to 1 am
    At Vibgyor Towers, opposite Trident Hotel, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East.
    Call 9833448880

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