• Mumbaikars reveal their expectations from Dan Brown's new book 'Origin'

    Dhara Vora SabhnaniMumbaiOct 03, 2017, 08:30 IST

    Origin releases today
    Origin releases today

    (From left) Director Ron Howard, Dan Brown and Tom Hanks, who plays Robert Langdon. Pic/AFP
    (From left) Director Ron Howard, Dan Brown and Tom Hanks, who plays Robert Langdon. Pic/AFP

    Hoping Origin will be better
    Chou chiang
    42, photographer
    Dan Brown is known for getting into secret societies, that is what Origin will be about — they (a cult) want to keep something hidden, an artefact comes out in the open and it will be the end of the world (aka destroy Christianity). I didn't like Inferno but I think this one will be better.

    Develop Langdon's character
    fatema diwan
    24, web content writer
    Dan Brown's novels get too predictable after a point, I am hoping this one breaks some common patterns. Also, it would be nice to see Professor Robert Langdon's character develop along with the story; he's been the distant saviour of the world for far too long.

    Dan Brown should mix it up
    ninad sawant
    28, jewellery designer
    I'm expecting it to be as good as The Da Vinci Code. I loved Deception Point but his last one, Inferno, was boring. Most of his books follow the same format, mixing technology with history and a wild goose chase through an old city with a female character. It would be fun to be surprised.

    Looking forward to Spanish chase
    sana ahuja
    27, PR professional
    I'm eagerly waiting to read more about Robert Langdon going back to the world of history. People might find his books repetitive. I disagree as I love the way Brown writes. He hasn't revealed much in the synopsis except that Langdon heading to Spain. I don't know much about Spanish history, so I am looking forward to it.

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