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    Dear DianaApr 19, 2016, 06:00 IST

    Dear Diana,
    My boyfriend and I stay in the same residential complex. We have been neighbours for over a decade. Our friendship blossomed into love and we have been going steady for the last three years. Four months ago, a new family moved into the building. They have a beautiful and young daughter who wants to be a model. All the building guys have taken a fancy to her, including my guy. I detest when he talks about her. He keeps saying how beautiful she is. This is causing a rift between us. I feel he is falling for this other woman. Last week, we had a showdown and he told me that I was an insecure woman. I cannot take the constant attention he showers on her. What do I do? He has already told another resident of the building to introduce her to him. I am sure that he wants to have an affair with her. How do I stop him from going overboard with this new girl?
    — Vedika

    Illustration/Uday Mohite
    Illustration/Uday Mohite

    Dear Vedika,
    He is right in calling you an insecure woman. You have known him for years and the mere presence of a new girl in the neighbourhood is giving you sleepless nights — you need to learn to trust him. This new girl is young and pretty and all the guys in the housing complex have taken a fancy to her. You need to understand that he is not having an affair with her, he is just trying to get her attention like the rest of the guys in the building. He does not even know her, so how can he have an affair with her? She might have a guy on her scene. You do not know if she is single or committed. So stop spinning an imaginary web where you see her as a threat to your love life. You need to take a chill pill.

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