Nokia 3310 to go on sale in India before Android phones

By  mid-day online correspondent | Posted  10-Mar-2017

 Nokia 3310 to go on sale in India before Android phones
Pic courtesy/YouTube

In MWC 2017, held at Barcelona, Nokia confirmed the launch of four new phones this year, namely Nokia 3310, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6. Out of all these Nokia smartphones, which were launched at MWC 2017, Nokia 3310 stole the show and encapsulated invitees with a touch of nostalgia.

Nokia 3310 is not only limited to its launch at the event, but also will be introduced in the Indian market ahead of all other Nokia Android smartphones. Though the official launch date of the iconic Nokia 3310 is not yet been announced, but will be available for Indian consumers before the company’s other Android devices.

Nokia 3310 is blanketed with good old memories. From its touchpad to the pre-loaded snake game, the phone has ample features to cherish for a lifetime. Here are some features of the new version of Nokia 3310 that can again make it one of the highest selling mobile phones. Take a look:

1. A larger colour display, though not one with very high resolution
2. Multiple colour models like red, green and yellow
3. 'Snake' and 'Space Impact' games
4. A powerful battery back up
5. Strong, sturdy and rugged built
6. A thin, light and more attractive look
7. A cheaper price tag (approximately Rs. 4,000), and
8. The same style of physical buttons with a slight twist in size.

Nokia will be selling its devices in India through both online and offline channels. However, one should also note that, at one time, only one channel of sale will be used, i.e. if Nokia decides to sell 3310 through offline stores, then it will be sold through offline stores only. If any other Nokia phone is sold through online stores, then it will be sold through online stores only and will not be available offline.