• Peter Crouch's pregnant wife Abbey Clancy afraid of having third baby

    A CorrespondentOct 12, 2017, 14:52 IST

    Model Abbey Clancy is expecting her third child with former England footballer Peter Crouch in January next year. Clancy, who has two daughters — Sophia, six, and Liberty, two, revealed that she is afraid of having her third baby.

    Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy. Pic/Getty Images
    Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy. Pic/Getty Images

    "I've only got a few months left till I have the baby. It's scary but I'm feeling good about it. I've got a baby at home so it's like 'Oo! I'm going to have another one!' I've got a little girl, a baby and now I'm having another one," she told British tabloid, The Daily Mail.

    Clancy, 31, who confirmed her pregnancy this June, added: "I always wanted a big family so I feel extremely blessed but it is going to be hard work. I don't think we'll ever leave the house again, me and Pete!"

    When she was asked about working out during pregnancy, she said: "No, definitely not. I'm embracing the pregnancy. I've just had two custard croissants! I'd like to eat more but then people in the room would just judge me more."

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