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    Rahul Da CunhaDec 18, 2016, 06:28 IST

    Yo hey hello…young person/under-21-year-old/collegian/millennial…'Sup? Where you at? Haven't chatted in a while… I wanted to know how you dudes and dudettes were doing. Look, I'll be honest. My interest is a bit selfish. My antenna always goes up when a 'young issue' rears its head – like this nonsense of ripped jeans being banned in my alma mater.

    Illustration/Uday Mohite
    Illustration/Uday Mohite

    Point is, we wore torn jeans as students. I mean, we didn't buy them torn but that's the idea of denim, right? They're meant to fade and eventually there is wear and tear; and torn is ultimately cool.

    See, I'm not a fan of ripped jeans, but that's a financial matter. My argument is why pay an arm and a leg for pants where your knees and thighs are exposed; such a waste of good material. But, hey, that's me and my point isn't sartorial, it's sociological. So, the Xavier's management's argument is that ripped jeans 'mocks the poor'? Whaaaaaat?

    Anyway, I'm going off point — what do you feel about the ban? About bans in general? Do you say to yourself: No big deal. I won't wear ripped jeans on campus. I have too much else to worry about, like getting 99% in my exams. If they want my blouses to reach the ground, so be it. Okay, I won't wear red – apparently it inflames passion. I'll save my tiny black dresses for Saturday nights at Trilogy.

    Or, do you feel incensed that in a democracy, the sheer principle of a ban is just wrong; jeans, juicy beefsteaks — anything. That we don't live in a fascist state, at least not yet.

    Or, do you have a head in the sand attitude? "Not my problem." Or, frankly, do you just not care? Like, what are your thoughts about demonetisation… I mean, beyond the obvious 'noble intentions, nonsensical execution' cliché? Do you think about the bigger picture? Meaning, as you stand uselessly in those long queues, do you feel that this country is sc***ed anyway and this is just one more mess up? Or, do you feel angry that the ordinary citizen is getting ripped off? Or, are you waiting to grow up a bit so you can truly create a revolution? Or, do you, essentially, feel it's each man for himself?

    Like, when in Delhi, the government gives out a laddoo to every hapless citizen in a line waiting to withdraw their own money, what do you feel? Is it an LOL moment? The sheer absurdity of an establishment that can't get its monetary act together, goes doling out 'mithai' from home to home.

    Or take the movies. That King Khan has to prostrate himself before politicians to get his movies released? I'm just asking — do you just go watch the movie without caring about these back-stories? Or does it bother you the way our society is going pear-shaped?

    Parliament sessions washed out, RaGa withholding 'corruption' secrets about NaMo while the nation waits with bated breath, like children at Christmas. So 'sup, young person? Where you at? Partying? Philosophising? Pondering in cafes? Or out in the streets Pokemoning ? Sorry, I am pushing, but I have to ask. Because dudes and dudettes, you've just moved from Gen Next to Gen Now.

    Rahul da Cunha is an adman, theatre director/playwright, photographer and traveller. Reach him at rahuldacunha62@gmail.com

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