Oops! Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya trolled for 'pathetic' Bharatanatyam performance at UN

By  The Hitlist Team | Posted  15-Mar-2017

Dhanush with wife Aishwarya
Dhanush with wife Aishwarya

Dhanush recently courted controversy after a set of his private pictures were leaked online, allegedly by VJ-singer Suchitra. Now, his wife Aishwarya is facing the Twitterati's wrath for her 'pathetic' Bharatnatyam recital at the United Nations in New York. A video of her performance has gone viral.

Acclaimed classical and contemporary dancer Anita Ratnam branded her postures 'terrible' and added the performance was worse than a beginner's. Despite brickbats coming her way, Rajinikanth's daughter has chosen to remain mum.