• After see-through dresses, invisible heels become the hottest new trend

    The Guide TeamMumbaiAug 09, 2017, 08:30 IST

    Anushka Sharma. Pic/AFP
    Anushka Sharma. Pic/AFP

    Alia Bhatt. Pic/Yogen Shah
    Alia Bhatt. Pic/Yogen Shah

    Kim Kardashian. Pic/Getty
    Kim Kardashian. Pic/Getty

    Vox pop

    Komilla asnani,
    35, finance professional
    I think they are quite cool. I like anything that has high heels and is practical to wear in Mumbai. And since these are invisible, they look sleek. I feel these will make my legs look longer.

    Drishti Rana,
    21, entrepreneur
    They don't appeal to me; they are different, and not in a good way. It might look cheap in person. I wouldn't wear them as flats too. If my feet get dirty, they will be more visible! And plastic straps always hurt.

    Simran Kathuria,
    22, insurance broker
    As with gowns or dresses, sheer panels always attract attention to a section. I feel this applies to transparent heels too; they seek attention. If my feet are manicured, I will definitely wear them, but for a night-out or a party and not for everyday wear, even if they are flats.

    Sonali Pai,
    26, HR professional
    I don't like them. They seem difficult to maintain, and will get dirty soon, especially in the rains. I prefer buying shoes that will last long, and goes beyond being just a fad.

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