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    Dear DianaApr 30, 2016, 07:52 IST

    Dear Diana,
    I was friendly with this girl for over three years. I met her through common friends and we hit it off well. We started hanging out together and I was extremely comfortable in her company. We would talk for hours and even spoke of a future together. Things were fine till last week, when she dropped a bomb. I received a text message from her telling me that it is all over. I was shocked. I called her umpteen times, but she refused to answer the phone. I sent her hundreds of text messages, but there has been no reply. Common friends tell me that she does not want to see my face. I want to know what wrong did I do her? Why could she have not told me about it? I did not find anything amiss in recent days that could have led her to take such a drastic decision. With no answers, I am a nervous wreck. I keep reading her SMS all day. I am heartbroken and unable to recover from the shock. What do I do?
    – Monty

    Illustration/ Uday Mohite

    Dear Monty,
    After being with you all this while, the girl certainly owed you an explanation. She severed ties with you via a text message. This is not done. The least she could have done is to drop hints so that you were prepared for what was coming. You say there were no tell-tale signs. It could be that you were so blinded in your love and trust for her. Or it could be that there was someone else and she hid the truth from you. She was perhaps two-timing you or this girl was plain bored of you. Whatever the cause, she needed to tell you. It will be difficult for you, but this girl does not care for you, so why grieve for the broken relationship? Let her be and time will heal your wounds. Do not keep asking your common friends to find a reason as this will cause more chaos. Next time be wary before you commit to someone.

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