• Spotted: Tiger Shroff on a Mumbai local train

    Mohar BasuMar 09, 2017, 12:38 IST

    Tiger Shroff
    Tiger Shroff

    A mid-day reader spotted a tired looking man buried under a blue hoodie and white mask on a Vasai-bound local train recently.

    The new traveller has become a regular over the last 10 days. On certain days, he is accompanied by a young girl. As is usually seen in Mumbai trains, kind co-passengers are often quick to advise rest to weary travellers. Our reader says this man was at the receiving end of a lot of lectures by locals.

    But somewhere after Malad, a little boy recognised him. He went up to him and said, "Aap Tiger ho na?" Given that it was early in the evening, the compartment was less crowded. The kid got his fanboy moment. Tiger Shroff is apparently shooting for a high-octane action scene at Vasai highway.

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