• Watch Video: Pakistani groom makes grand entrance at wedding atop a lion

    mid-day online correspondentMar 18, 2017, 10:30 IST

    Here comes the Pakistani groom whose need to be different takes the cake
    Here comes the Pakistani groom whose need to be different takes the cake. Pic/Screengrab from YouTube

    Who doesn't want to make a grand entrance at their own wedding? But there are some who want to make a dramatic entry on heir big day.

    Well, a groom in Pakistan decided that he needed to make a grander than usual entrance at this wedding. So what could he do? Well, how about ditching the regular entrance on a horseback and arriving while ‘sitting’ on a lion!

    The groom comes sitting on a truck that has the lion's cage
    The groom comes sitting on top of a lion's cage on a truck

    A man from Pakistan’s Multan area decided to sit on the top of a lion’s cage (with a live lion inside) and reach his wedding, The Indian Express reported.

    While the report identifies the groom as Sheikh Irfan, his father’s name is Sheikh Hashmat.


    This isn't the first time that such 'daredevilry' has been seen at a wedding. But unlike this instance sometimes it ends in tragedy. Like when a bride died in a helicopter crash minutes before she was set to tie the knot in San Paulo. The bride wanted to surprise her husband-to-be by making a dramatic entrance to their wedding in a helicopter, but traggically the aircraft crashed moments before the ceremony, instantly killing the bride and three others.

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