Watch video: Huge deer jumps over motorcyclist, escapes unhurt

By  mid-day online correspondent | Posted  07-Apr-2017

Watch video: Huge deer jumps over motorcyclist, escapes unhurtYouTube screengrab

A video has captured the scary moment a large white-tailed deer jumped over a motorcyclist.

Filmed along the outskirts of Alexandria, Virginia, the video shows bikers riding along the Washington DC highway for a charity ride near the outskirts of Alexandria, Virginia when a large deer appears out of the blue and leaps over one of the bikers.

The sudden impact resulted in biker losing balance. However the biker managed to apply the brakes at the right time causing the deer to land safely and sail through the road.

According to biker who caught the encounter on film, most of the other motorcyclists managed to slam on their brakes just in time, but one man wasn't quite so lucky, and ended up sliding off his bike. The YouTube video quoted the biker saying, "We were heading southbound on GW parkway towards Old Town Alexandria, when right after passing a deer crossing sign a mature whitetail buck thought it would be a good time to cross the road. We were travelling at about 45mph when we spotted the deer, and once we realised he was committed to crossing, we slammed on the brakes. One of our riders was not so lucky, he lost control of his bike and ended up falling off. The deer appears to have just jumped over the rider, avoiding a collision. The rider was fine, his bike needed some small repairs but was able to continue on with the rest of the charity ride."

Watch video here