• Wayne Rooney can still offer more to Manchester United, insists Gary Neville

    IANSMar 20, 2017, 08:23 IST

    Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney

    Manchester: Former Man United captain Gary Neville feels striker Wayne Rooney might reconsider his potential decision of leaving the club after this EPL season.

    "Him being there next season is doubtful just because of the noise," Neville said. "I hope he’s there next season. I think Wayne still has a lot to offer, but he wants to play more often."

    So far, Rooney has featured 18 times for the Red Devils. "He’s not playing as much as he’d like. He’s the type of footballer that would like to play every minute of every day," he said. "There’s definitely some doubt, but there’s still two to three months left in the season," he added.

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