Today’s Horoscope

  • ARIESmar 21 - april 20


    Your focused and pin-pointed approach to work shall yield favourable results. As the day ends, singles are likely to find the person of their dreams.

  • TAURUSapril 21 - may 20


    You may feel a bit dull in the morning. But, the prospect of going out shopping later in the day will lift your spirits.

  • GEMINImay 21 - june 21


    Beware, you are likely to encounter antagonists who may pretend to be your well-wishers. But, behind your back they may actually try to undercut you.

  • CANCERjun 22 - july 23


    Despite your rivals trying tooth and nail to bog you down, you will tackle their sinister designs successfully and emerge victorious.

  • LEOjuly 24 - aug 23


    On this relaxing day, you hall be in such high spirits that you will go out of your way to keep people in good humour.

  • VIRGOaug 24 - sept 23


    You will be very emotional. But, you need to change many of your outdated perceptions. Accept that times have changed, and just adapt to them.

  • LIBRAsept 24- oct 22


    Romance is in the air. Getting close to someone attractive is a distinct possibility. Your magnetic personality will help to impress the one who matters.

  • SCORPIOoct 23 - nov 22


    If you are out for social reasons, ensure you are thick-skinned enough to take a stray, wry comment or a punctured tyre in your stride.

  • SAGITTARIUSnov 23 - dec 22


    As you attend to some domestic chores to help your near and dear ones, remember to stay systematic and organised in your approach.

  • CAPRICORNUSdec 23 - jan 20


    Although you will try to evade work to get that much-needed rest, certain urgent tasks may still call for your attention.

  • AQUARIUSjan 21 - feb19


    It's the perfect day to celebrate life, and party hard with your friends. Positivity in your approach will enable you to make new and lasting friendships.

  • PISCESfeb 20 - mar 20


    No amount of cribbing over something that has happened in the past is going to alter your present circumstances - let bygones be bygones!