Aussies are bookies' favourite to lift World Cup

By Vinay Dalvi

Updated: Mar 26, 2015, 08:47 IST

Australia’s experience as four-time champions makes them the frontrunners, with New Zealand placed as second favourite; meanwhile, Mumbai cops have started hunting for bookies in the city

Stakes for the cricket World Cup final have touched considerable highs in the betting market. Sources placed inside betting circles claimed bets have reached Rs 1,000 crore. However, bookies favour Australia to win the tournament.

While their hearts may cheer for India, bookies believe their home country has the least chance of winning the competition. New Zealand is the second-favourite. Betting rates for India are 1:4 implying that should India win, a bettor will win Rs 4 for every rupee he bets, in addition to getting back his original amount.

The rates for New Zealand and Australia are 1:2.5 and 1:1.5 respectively, said a prominent bookie, while speaking to this reporter. After New Zealand defeated South Africa to reach the final, its betting rate was revised from 1:5.5 to the current 1:2.5.

“Australia, with its experience of winning the World Cup four times, is a clear winner here. Anybody placing one rupee on Australia is likely to win Rs 1.50,” said the bookie. Meanwhile, Mumbai police have started hunting for bookies in the city, but is finding the task difficult since most bookies have been changing location for every match that is played in the tournament.

“Some of them have even shifted out of the city and are operating from there. Still we have managed to arrest fourteen bookies till date in around ten raids and have seized several mobiles, laptops and TV screens,” said a Crime Branch officer.

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