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By Suman Mahfuz Quazi | Mumbai

Updated: Sep 08, 2018, 09:57 IST

Netizens are going bow-wow over a challenge that features doggos and promises to melt hearts. Four Mumbaikars participate in the viral Snoot Challenge and here's what they have to say

Pics/Pradeep Dhivar

Heaven, Shih Tzu
1.8 years old

Treats seem to be a common cheat with this challenge and mid-day's crime editor Bhupen Patel, 41, seems to echo this when he says, "Basically he wasn't being able to put his nose through the hole and was getting distracted, so we had to put cheese on my daughter's fingers to lure him.

Funnily enough, he started licking her finger!" he tells us, adding,  "Heaven has a habit of jumping at me when I'm close to the parapet on our terrace, so that I can pick him up. I made the shape in front of his face when he was jumping so that we could take a picture. It was a little difficult to get him to do this, but it was fun. My family and I had a good laugh through it all."

Pepper, Golden Retriever
2.5 years old

"My dogs are so moody!" laments Akshata Khetan, but with a hint of adoration. And that's all well, because it's the naughty ones that really know how to have fun, right? "When I first tried it, they managed to put their nose through in the first go and then they got bored of it. The next day I had to take my father's help. It's always fun to teach your dogs new tricks and it's a good way of spending time with them. It was
a fun experience and obviously, they were happy as they got to eat a lot of treats," shares the 21-year-old student.

Pinku, stray
3 years old

Pinku and Kaalu are the most loved doggos of Zohda Agadhi, a building on Yari Road. These two cuties have not one, but several parents who look after them. However, residents Jaihind Kumar, 27, actor, and his two roommates take particular care of them. "I had fun participating in the challenge, because I enjoy spending my time playing with Pinku. She's a good-natured pup, but she's hungry all the time! I had to try a few tricks to get her to put her snout through the hole though I believe my task would have been easier if I had some treats for her," Kumar tells us.

Cheryl, Labrador
12 years old

Cheryl can count fingers and seems to be able to tell the time because she's never a minute late to bark for brunch. Satyajit Chatterji, 22, musician, says, "She doesn't really keep up with the latest trends, so she was thoroughly confused when I held my hand in front of her face. Of course, she refused to comply because she prefers to have candid pictures taken of her, if any, so this is all staged. Although she has a good eye for art and has some interesting views on current affairs, she's quite a hassle to work with so I don't think I will be collaborating with her any time in the near future."

What's the toot about?

There are currently over 11,000 posts on Instagram alone with the #snootchallenge. Other hashtags have followed as well, such as #snoot, #snootchallengefail and #boopthesnoot, which have garnered over 66,000 posts. Unlike previous Internet challenges such as Ice Bucket and KiKi, this one has not invited criticism. Who has problems with looking at pawsome videos?

The challenge entails the pet parent make a shape using their fingers or hands and the dogs then have to put their wet and kissable snouts through the hole. The results are hilarious and heart-warming. The bloopers, too, are making people laugh the world over.

Some canine behaviouralists have said the challenge is a great way to interact with your furry friends as it makes use of touch-based training, which has been touted as an easy way to bond with your pet. However, there are some things to bear in mind while carrying out the challenge, like ensuring the holes are big enough to allow the doggies to breath easily and knowing when to stop. If your dog seems agitated or anxious, call it off immediately; their snoots are cute enough as is.

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