Meet the terror of Mumbai's Aarey Milk Colony -- a cow

By Ranjeet Jadhav

Updated: Jan 11, 2015, 08:51 IST

It’s not a leopard, but a white cow that has held residents hostage, after it managed to injure four people in the last three days; people avoid venturing out in the night or early in the morning

The mighty leopard has competition when it comes to clashing with residents of Aarey Milk Colony a white cow. For the past three days, locals have been avoiding venturing out of their homes in the morning or late in the night, because the animal has injured four people already. So serious is the matter that the police and BMC ward officials have been informed.

Since Monday, a white cow has been attacking local residents and workers at the Aarey dairy farm, who go out into the forest to answer nature’s call. Owners of the farm are also fed up of the quadruped. The cow has allegedly even injured a few morning walkers and joggers. Two residents of Durgapada were injured, a man while answering nature’s call and a woman, while she was walking.

Lilavatidevi Yadav, the owner of the cow, says she has given written permission to the authorities to take away the animal. BMC workers went to the colony on Wednesday to control the cow, but couldn’t dare approach it

Manoj Baban Ransur, the injured man, had gone to answer nature’s call on Tuesday when the cow attacked him. He suffered bruises on his elbow, face, and back. Sindhu P, a local woman, also suffered the animal’s wrath while she was walking, but the sound of people shouting drove the cow away. She suffered minor bruises.

On Wednesday morning, the cow chased Anilkumar Yadav for nearly 100 metres, but he somehow managed to escape without injury. Sindhu’s husband, Namdev, has written to the local authorities asking them to take away the cow, fearing that the animal may injure schoolchildren some day, or even cause deaths. A local said the cow is injured since one of its horns is broken, and stones have been pelted at it.

Wild thing
Local residents said the animal belongs to one Bhola Yadav from Durgapada, who died nearly two years ago. “After the death of Bhola Yadav, it is the responsibility of his wife and family to take care of the cow and tie it, so that it does not hurt anyone.

But, the family has abandoned the cow,” a resident alleged Lilavatidevi, Bhola’s wife, told mid-day she has given written permission to the authorities to take away the cow, as she is unable to take care of her.

“It is not possible for me to catch the cow and tie it. Also I have college- and school-going children. Hence, I have given permission, in writing, to the authorities to take away the cow so that no more people are injured because of my cow.”

She said the cow had been with the family for ten years, but stopped obeying their commands ever since the owner died, and took to roaming in the forest.

A dairy farm owner from Aarey told this paper that, on Wednesday, some people from the BMC ward office had attempted to catch the cow, but couldn’t muster enough courage to do so, seeing her aggressive behaviour.

Residents have now pooled in money to purchase a long rope, with which they hope to rein in the beast and hand it over to the authorities. BMC’s P/South ward officer could not be reached, despite several attempts.

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