Meet the Mumbai man who convinced 7000 people to come for Dhinchak Pooja's fake event

By Gaurav Sarkar | Mumbai

Updated: May 27, 2017, 19:57 IST

No, YouTube sensation Dhinchak Pooja will not be performing at Kalyan; instead, meet the 23-year-old who started the hoax that has taken over social media

Dhinchak Pooja shot to fame with her song Swag wali topi

Hate to burst your bubble, Mumbaikars, but the nation's latest Internet singing sensation Dhinchak Pooja will not be performing live in Kalyan today. Meet the dhinchak troll, 23-year-old Sameer Pagare, administrator of the Facebook page 'Kalyan City Trolls', who managed to convince hundreds of people that they could catch the 'Swag wali topi' singer in concert.

It all started with a Facebook 'event' that surfaced on Wednesday, announcing the concert. The idea behind it was to troll the young YouTube star, who shot to fame last year with Swag wali topi, a music video that was widely watched and mocked. The Internet didn't disappoint either; the 'Dhinchak Pooja Live performance' page ran wild with trolls spamming it left, right, and centre, with some outrageous comments.

Sameer Pagare

That the event was set up by 'Kalyan City Trolls' should have been a hint that it was all a joke, but many took it seriously, and were willing to pay Rs 7,500 for tickets. Even the original troll, Sameer, was surprised by how big the entire hoax had become. "I share humour about Kalyan on my page. Like how Kalyan has no footpaths, so even Salman Khan won't come there. I also create trekking and cycling events in Kalyan, but nobody ever turns up for that! I was frustrated with that and thought let's create something fictional. And now there are nearly 7,000 people who are coming for a fake event!" he said.

Talking about his first encounter with Dhinchak Pooja, he said: "I saw first her when she was trending on YouTube. I was in office at the time, and when I heard saw the video, I thought, this is the lowest mankind can fall."

But he saw the potential for laugh and posted the event page. Within 20 minutes, it had gone viral. "Even I was shocked. I had initially put the venue as Metro Mall, but since I got a notice from them, I had to remove the location," he said.

But he was even more surprised by how many people took it seriously. "Even though I mentioned in the event description that it was a troll, people thought that she was actually coming to Kalyan to perform. I have even replied personally to some of them who had asked me about it. I hope they don't want me to actually bring her to Kalyan, otherwise the other Kalyan residents will kick me out," he laughed.

But on seeing the response, Sameer wrote to Dhinchak Pooja, asking whether she would like to come down to Kalyan. "I messaged her on FB and Twitter, to say that there were thousands of people who wanted to see her. But there has been no response." he said.

There you have it - the most-awaited concert of 2017 has just been called off.

6.3k No. of people who marked themselves as 'going' for the concert

12k No. of followers of Kalyan City Trolls

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