US elections: Take a look at endearing things Donald Trump said for India and Narendra Modi

By Ankita

"India's got a phenomenal future - you can rarely think of a place that has a better future, especially with the leadership of PM Modi."

"They (India) like us more now than they've ever liked us; that's also because of my close friendship with PM Modi."

"PM told me (in front of a large group of people) he wants people to have religious freedom and "they have worked very hard on this".

"PM Modi is a very religious, calm man, but is a very strong person, tough (on acting against terrorism)."

"India and Pakistan working on their problem, my relationship with both India and Pak Prime Ministers is strong. Anything I can do to mediate, I would do. There are two sides to every story."

"India gives hope to all of humanity. It is one of the most amazing nations anywhere in the world. It has become an economic power in the past 70 years. It will soon be home to the biggest middle class anywhere in the world and its potential is extreme."

"India and the US share a natural, beautiful and enduring friendship. Powered by this spirit, Indians and Americans are thriving together for progress."

"India and the US are committed to fight terrorists and their ideology. We are committed to fight against threats from radical Islamic terrorists. That is why my administration is working with Pakistan to crack down on terror groups operating in its land."

"There is a difference between a nation that rises by coercion and one that rises by setting its people free -- that is India."

"It (India's growth) is more important (than China) because you have done it as a democratic, peaceful and tolerant country."

"We make the best and are now dealing with India. US should be India's premier defence partner."

"America loves India, America respects India and America will always be a faithful and loyal friend to Indian people."


"Everybody loves him but I will tell you this, he is very tough."


"India will hold a very special place in our hearts."

"India has never invested in the United States like it is doing today, and I want to say it is reciprocal because we are doing the same thing in India.”

About the Gallery

As the US Presidential election inches closer, President Donald Trump is expressing his concern and appreciation for India very often. But it is not new, the US President has referred to PM Narendra Modi as his 'good friend' in the past and offered to help and support India. Here's a look at Donald Trump's top 15 endearing quotes for India and Modi. (Pics: AFP)

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